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Outside of the Box Solutions, Inc.

Think · Plan · Take Action · Grow If your organization is in need of an innovative, creative consulting firm with an eye for detail, look no farther. At Outside of the Box Solutions, Inc. our small team of Creativity Consultants are dedicated to equipping your business with the necessary skills to be effective in today’s […]

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The Real “Human Resources”

The majority of organizations today have a human resources department [HR], but what does “human resources” mean? Many employees’ interpretation of an HR department is associated with compensation/benefits, recruitment, training/development, and labor relations. Yet, the human resources approach, “… holds that open communication between managers and employees ensures creativity, adaptability to change, and satisfaction of […]

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Reflections of Classical Management

Although we live and thrive in the twenty-first century, classical management is still evident in today’s organizational landscape. Per my experience and observation working in corporate America, most organizations’ public persona(s) promote the following: equal opportunity, work-life balance, flexibility, and diversity. In addition, leadership appears to be interested in new, or innovative ideas from its […]

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